Okay, this isn’t really about generative door knobs, but if you use the Custom Range component, you could easily make the wildest door knob of your dreams. To create a range, a user specifies a domain, consisting of a minimum (start) and a maximum (end) value, and then the number of steps in that range. But, what if you wanted to specify a quarter, half, and three quarter target between the minimum and maximum values? The custom range grasshopper component and workflow enables a user to specify multiple sub-domains to create a single range. The image below outlines the functionality. In the example below, 16 steps are specified, as well as 4 sub-domains. The output is a single range, hitting all the target sub-domains. Download Custom Range

The attached example file demonstrates how one can use this logic to create Generative Door Knobs, or just a lofted variable pipe.