We’re pleased to announce the WebGL Contour Tool, a new extension for the Adobe Exchange! This project builds off of our mode.js work, but hosts the same functionality within an Adobe panel.

About the Contour Tool

With this extension, you can import .OBJ models and bring 3D interaction into Illustrator. You can also contour imported geometry, creating sectional models for laser cutting, CNC milling, and other substractive fabrication/manufacturing. By hitting the button “Send_To_Illustrator”, the contours are laid out in real world units on an illustrator canvas.


Thanks to Adobe’s HTML5 Extension development, we’re able to add THREEjs scenes to Adobe and connect 2D and 3D environments seamlessly. This is a pivotal technology step for us because we can work with web interfaces on top of a robust CAD platform. Connecting the Adobe API to the web has incredible potential – and we’ll definitely be exploring this further in our research as well as client work.

More Information

This project builds off of THREEjs, D3js, and the Adobe Illustrator API. We’ll be posting more Adobe projects in tandem with our web interface development, so stay tuned. Many thanks to Davide Barranca for his informative blog posts on topics of transferring data from Adobe API’s to javascript. Also, thanks to David Deraedt for the Creative Cloud Extension Builder for Brackets !